It’s about that time again: time to hear the soothing sound of a grown man who’s voice peaked at thirteen. It’s BMWBLOG Podcast time, of course. This week, yours truly rides solo, talking about some of the cars I’ve recently driven and some of what’s happening in the automotive industry at the moment.

I start off talking about the ALPINA B7, a car I just had the pleasure of test driving for a week. My review of the B7 just dropped, (which is how I say it to sound hip like the kids today, yo) so you can read my full thoughts on the car there, but I also dish out a bit more info in the podcast. When actually speaking about the car, it’s easier to articulate more subtle details about the car, so it’s always interesting to hear someone review a car a bit, rather than read it.

I also talk about the BMW X5 M Competition, a car I recently drove, versus the X5 M50i. Personally, I find the latter to not only be better but actually much better. So I talk a bit about my reasoning behind that decision and why the X5 M disappointed me a bit.

Lastly, I talk about the BMW 4 Series and how BMW seems to have shifted its focus a bit, going from a sportier version of the 3 Series to now being more of a baby-GT car. Personally, I think that’s a good move by BMW and one I agree with. So I also talk about that and why I think BMW made the right move, there.

Also, there’s a bonus little bit at the end, where I talk about the Porsche 911 Turbo S. I know, it has nothing to do with BMW but it’s a fascinating car for the industry and one that’s completely changed the game, so I figured I’d talk about it a bit, as car enthusiasts should be interested in what it can do.

Next week, we have a guest scheduled, so stay tuned for that and, as always, thanks for listening.