Of all the BMWs on sale, the one most likely to see track duty is the M2 Competition. Sure, cars like the M340i and M5 are great on track but who is realistically going to take those cars to a track day? Very few. It’s the BMW M2 Competition that’s going to see track time. So if you’re an M2 Comp owner and want to have some fun in your car, you’re going to need the right tires. In this video from Joe Achilles, he tests out Michelin Cup 2 Connect tires on his very own M2 Comp on track.

Like all things in today’s world, the Michelin Cup 2 tires are connected tires, so they can connect to a mobile app that gives you a readout of what they’re doing. So, as you can see in Achilles’ video, you can have your mobile phone mounted somewhere in your car with the Michelin app up, as it displays all the necessary info about your tires. For instance, the app told him that three of his tires needed a bit of deflating before heading out on track. Also, the app gave him an exact tire temperature readout for each corner, allowing him to know when they were up to temperature enough to push them hard.

As always, the BMW M2 Competition also looks like a riot on track. I’m personally jealous of Achilles, as he owns the M2 Comp, so he can track it whenever he wants. I have to wait until BMW press events. Still, the M2 Comp is a genuine riot on track, even though it’s scared the hell out of me a few times.

This video does show that tire technology can be extremely helpful for any enthusiast that actually wants to push their BMW on a track day and get the most performance out of it. So if you’re an M2 Competition owner and want to really see what your car can do, make sure you invest in the right tires.