Just by reading this title, I know what you’re thinking: this is just wrong. Mat Watson from CarWow knows it as well but hey, it’s a drag race. Who really cares about being fair, right? Just from the get go you can probably easily say the BMW M340im even in Touring guise, as it is the case here, will easily walk away from these cars. And you’d be correct, but it’s still fun to see them all go at it on a closed strip.

So, the reason why CarWow set up this race is because these are all cars that are currently running in their long-term fleet. Then there’s Joe Achilles, the man behind the wheel of the BMW M340i. He’s not part of the CarWow team but he just ‘happened’ to be in the vicinity, heard some engines and wanted to come over and race as well.

You can tell from the get go that the BMW is the favorite here. It has the best power to weight ratio and the best aerodynamics. It might seem peculiar to bring aerodynamics into the mix but if you consider the G63 AMG and the high velocities these cars reach in such a short time, you might understand why. The Merc lost the race, but to be fair, it was right up there with the BMW in the first 1/8 mile. At one point it even seemed like it was catching up.

The other two didn’t do so well. The Audi won the brake test though, which is nice. All in all, it was quite an interesting experiment that proves, once again, that there’s no replacement for displacement. Yet.