A little while back, there were rumors of an upcoming, higher-performance Toyota Supra in the works, one that would pack an S58 engine from the BMW M3. The rumors claimed that Toyota wants one last hurrah with the Supra before it finally puts it out to pasture and it wants to borrow BMW M’s S58 to do it. From what we understand, BMW M was reluctant to allow such a car to be made but finally relented. There’s no word as to whether or not any of this is true but it’s certainly possible and very exciting.

In this new spy video, we get to see some sort of Toyota Supra test mule doing some un-camouflaged testing at the Nurburgring. What’s interesting about this specific Supra is that it sounds a bit different from the standard car. It sounds a bit raspier, a bit fruitier than the regular ole B58 in the current Supra. It’s not drastically different but there’s a bit more of a growl to it that makes it sound more powerful than normal. Considering that the same can be said of the S58 in all of its applications, this might make some sense.

If this is true, then Toyota is just doing some powertrain testing in this video, as the car seen has no visual indicators of being any different from a standard Supra. So if it is some sort of higher-performance Supra, it’s not going to be ready for production for some time.

Rumor has it that the go-faster Toyota Supra will make around 500 horsepower — much like the BMW M3/M4 Competition — get a serious diet and some very extreme looks. Again, we have no official confirmation that BMW M is supplying Toyota with the S58 for an ultra-hot Supra, only rumor and this video, whatever it actually is.