Even though we’re just starting to get used to the bulkiness of the BMW X7 it looks like the Germans are already working on its facelift. The 7-seater was unveiled two years ago so it’s still pretty new in the range but that doesn’t mean the Bavarians will rest on their laurels. Therefore, work has already started on its facelift, which is probably going to arrive in 2022. So there’s a bit more than a year left before we can actually see what changes will be done to the massive SUV.

From the looks of things (we don’t own the pictures, but you can check them out here), the front end of the car will be getting most of the attention, at least design-wise. There’s no way of telling just what BMW is preparing for us as there’s some pretty heavy camo in the way but we can imagine the changes, based on the work the Germans have done on other cars.

Lately, BMW has been enlarging grilles and shrinking headlamps for various facelifts applied throughout the range. The most obvious example is the current 7 Series, which is still considered very controversial by many BMW fans. Then there’s new 4 Series which goes even further with the big grille. Well, the BMW X7 already had a huge set of nostrils up front so I can’t really see them getting bigger in the future. The headlamps are also already pretty slim, to amplify the way the grille is perceived even further so that might also not change.

If they do make the grille bigger — and, of course, I could be wrong — let’s just hope they don’t change to outrageous dimensions. The rear end will also get a look-over and we might see some changes being done there too, judging by the camo applied to the car.  The updated X7 should arrive in 2022 and it will also come with some technical changes, along the lines of new engines, most likely mild-hybrids, and new optional features that should enhance the luxury inside.

[Source: Auto Evolution]