One of the most surprisingly good BMWs on sale at the moment is the X7. Despite being the antithesis of everything the brand is supposed to be, the BMW X7 is actually a remarkably good luxury SUV. In fact, it’s probably the best one in the segment, despite it being a new segment for BMW to compete in. Having said that, it does have one major flaw — it’s ugly. Thanks to its monstrous grille (the O.G. big-grille BMW), the X7 is just not a looker. Thankfully, it will be getting an LCI facelift relatively soon. (We don’t own these photos but check ’em here)

In these new spy shots, we see a BMW X7 that’s clearly been given a bit of a nip and tuck, thanks to the indicative camouflage on the front and rear ends. Admittedly, unless BMW is using this LCI facelift to replace the grille with something smaller (won’t happen), the X7 isn’t going to magically become beautiful overnight. However, there are some small tweaks that could make meaningful changes to the car’s overall design.

For instance, it seems like the BMW X7 will get a fresh new set of headlights that also seem larger than before. This is good news, one of the odder aspects of the X7’s mug is that its squinty headlights seem disproportionate to the rest of its face. So larger, more proportionate headlights might go a long way to making it look more cohesive. Also, if BMW can better integrate the grilles into the front end, that’d be helpful too, as they seem sort of tacked on at the moment.

It won’t be getting any significant changes at the back, though. While there’s camo there, we can see that the taillights seem mostly the same, the exhausts are the same and the overall shape of the tailgate seems the same. So it’s likely only going to get some very minor tweaks to its bum. That’s fine, though, as the back end is the best looking end of the X7.

One thing I personally hope BMW does with the X7 LCI is to add some snazziness to the cabin. While the interior of the BMW X7 is lovely, it’s just a bit boring to look at. Add some spice, BMW. It’s a six-figure luxury SUV. Make it look like one.

[Source: Car Scoops]