Probably the most anticipated launch for BMW this year is yet to come. We’ve all been waiting for the new G80 M3 and G82 M4 to come out and after countless teasers and leaks, the date is near. BMW just confirmed the official date for the unveiling which is going to take place on September 23. Now, as far as the specs go and the interesting options you’ll get, we can’t dwell too deep into the details due to the embargo.

The huge grille up front will be there, and I know that disappoints some of you but let’s keep an open mind and see what it looks like first, before passing judgement. There will also be a couple of new colors on offer, as we mentioned before, as well as some interesting choices for the interior.

When the BMW M4 debuts, it will be, on paper at least, one of the coolest cars in its price range. Thanks to its twin-turbocharged I6 making either 473 horsepower or 503 horsepower, it will be seriously quick. But it will also get a manual transmission option and rear-wheel drive, making it a proper driver’s car.

Sure, its face might be a bit funky looking but very few performance cars in the world can still claim to be front-engine, manual and rear-wheel drive. The M4 will be one of the last, too.

Of course, it will be available with an automatic gearbox and all-wheel drive as well. So customers in snowy climates will have an M4 as a real, viable option as well. Throw some snow tires on an all-wheel drive M4 and have a blast in some light snow.

Pricing is yet to be announced but we do know that deliveries will kick off next year. Therefore, we’re only going to see the cars for now, having to be patient until next year to see how they drive.