Earlier this week, BMW introduced us to their future M3 and M4 models. The two M brothers were still wrapped in a tight camouflage, yet BMW was a bit more generous when it came to their technical specs. Furthermore, to prove their marketing prowess, which has gotten better over the years, the M folks in Garching included a teaser image as well.

Cleverly staged, the image shows the front-end of the G82 M4 – with its controversial kidney grille – and the rear of the G80 M3. BMW’s marketing department has been paying attention to social media, including our channels, where a lot of the followers are still in denial about the size of the kidneys on the M3.

So to put that “issue” to bed, here is our take on it: The new G80 M3 will DEFINITELY have the same size grille as the G82 M4. As we’ve seen on the previous generation M3/M4, the duo shares their front-fascia.

But that’s not all. Ever since Markus Flasch came over to the M Division, their communications department has fully embraced social media. Flasch has its own verified account, often used to tease products, while the marketing and PR departments are quite active on social media as well.

They’re also quick to adapt to our (journalistic) tricks as well. In the past, we’ve used the power of Photoshop to brighten their teaser images in order to get a better look at the car ahead of its unveil. They took notice of that, along with some of their photographers we know, making sure that whole process is a bit more cumbersome for us.

But, their latest trick is the icing on the cake. Thanks to a friend of ours who goes by the username “Artemis”, we discovered an Easter Egg in their teaser image.

By applying plenty of contrast and highlights to the image, one could easily see the “Nice Try” inscription on the boot of the M3. Which, by the way, it features the beautiful Isle of Man Green color. But the M wizards didn’t stop there. On the M4’s front fender, they placed another inscription: “Nope”.

Of course, this is all good and fun, but the design of the two cars is hardly a secret anymore. We’ve already seen numerous leaks: here, here, here and more here.

For now, the communications plan stays in place, which means a September unveil for the two M brothers. Unless some unplanned or “planned” leaks will occur.