We haven’t even officially seen the reveal of the BMW M3 and M4 just yet, though their reveals are imminent. However, despite not yet officially debuting them, it would seem that BMW M is already working on faster versions. In some new spy photos, we can see what looks to be some sort of BMW M4 CSL.

In these new photos, we get to see a camouflaged M4 of some sort but it’s not your ordinary M4. Out back, it sports a fixed rear wing, which is unusual for a BMW. It’s not a large wing but it’s also not some aesthetic lip spoiler, like you’ll find on the back of cars like the BMW M8. This is an actual rear wing that seems to be there for aerodynamics. The last fixed-wing car to come from BMW was the M4 GTS, so it’s likely that this is something similar.

Underneath that rear wing is another change from the standard BMW M4 and potentially an even more telling one. While all M cars for the past couple of decades have had four exhaust pipes, two at either side of the rear end, this car’s quad pipes are a bit unusual. They’re huddled much closer together and almost stacked on top of each other to create a semi-triangular shape. It’s a very different exhaust configuration from anything we’ve seen on a BMW.

This leads us to believe that this is some sort of high-performance version of the M4 and not just a Competition Package or even an M Performance Parts test mule. BMW M would only go through the trouble of creating different exhaust configuration if it was for a new model in the lineup and a special one at that.

We know that BMW M wants to use the “CSL” name again, bringing it back from the dead, so it’s entirely possible that the car we’re looking at is indeed a BMW M4 CSL. That’s very exciting news, if that’s the case, and it could be one of the coolest driver’s cars to come from BMW in a long time.

[Source: Instagram — @DiddyF30]