Connor De Phillippi is currently one of the drivers representing BMW Motorsport on various tracks around the world. He’s also used to driving proper track machines, designed exclusively for one purpose: to get the best possible lap time. De Phillippi is currently competing in the IMSA Championship behind the wheel of a BMW M8 GTE so he knows what speed is all about. .

In the video below De Phillippi takes the BMW X5 M Competition out for a spin on the Virginia International Raceway or VIR. The X5 M is a very capable SUV. However, one can’t simply ignore the fact that is is, after all, still an SUV. That means it’s big and heavy with most of the weight hanging a bit higher from the ground than usual. Therefore, despite having more power than the car he drives on the track, the behavior would be completely different.

Needless to say, he drove the wheels off that car, and it shows. Towards the end of the video, we actually get to see the 2.3 ton behemoth jumping in the air, albeit only on one side. But still, it was quite impressive. The reason why we’re seeing this is because the BMW X5 M Competition is the Safety Car used on the IMSA races.

The main goal here was to show that the X5 M with all the weight and drawbacks it comes with, is capable of hanging with proper race cars. It can’t actually, but it does look good leading the way on various tracks around the country and could lead to an increase in sales.