BMW outlines their electrification plans for this decade. And the plans are quite ambitious. By 2030, BMW Group aims to have over 7 million electrified vehicles on the road, that includes a combination of plug-in hybrids and fully electric cars. BMW says two thirds of them will be all-electric variants.

Today, the BMW and MINI brands featuring all-electric and plug-in hybrid drive systems respectively already account for approximately 13.3 of all new registrations Europe-wide (source: IHS Markit New Registrations July 2020 Report). This corresponds to 1.5-fold of the average share of all brands, which is around 8 percent. The company expects this figure to rise to a quarter by 2021, to a third by 2025 and to 50 percent by 2030.

BMW Group’s electrified models are sold today in 74 markets worldwide, for a total of 500,000 units sold to date. By the end of 2021, BMW hopes to sell over a million electrified units. As a result of the massive expansion of electric mobility, emissions produced by BMW Group vehicles per kilometer driven will be reduced by around 40 percent by the year 2030.

In the future, BMW series models with electrified and with conventional drive systems will be built on a single production line. That will help streamline the production and allow for more flexibility in product planning.

The next generation BMW 7 Series, BMW 5 Series and the BMW X1 will also be also available with purely electric drive. A wide range of plug-in hybrids will be offered as well, nearly within every product family.