Rolls-Royce first experimented with an electric model in 2011. At the time, the Geneva Motor Show hosted the international unveil of the Rolls-Royce 102EX. The Phantom experimental electric had a large battery pack weighing 640 kg, capable of powering the car to travel a range of 125 miles on one charge.

But that was just an experiment and over the years, the British luxury maker has often stopped short of confirming an electric vehicle in their future. They first toyed with the idea of building a plug-in hybrid first, but over time, their plans shifted towards an electric luxury vehicle.

In a recent interview with Roadshow, the company CEO, Mr. Torsten Otvos-Muller, confirmed the move unequivocally: “We are on it. We need to make smart decisions on where we invest our money. It may be OK for bigger companies to go into hybrids and all sorts of different technologies, [but] we needed to make a certain decision.”

The Rolls-Royce Ghost was often mentioned as a potential candidate for electrification, but it looks like the Phantom could get an electric powertrain as well. According to a report by Car Magazine, the current Phantom is likely to electric in very small numbers starting in 2022.

The launch of electric vehicles in Goodwood will definitely be a bold move and mark a new era for the entire automotive industry. Luckily for Rolls-Royce, their target demographic is getting younger. This new generation of millionaires seems interested in electric powertrains.

And if only a small number of Phantoms will be electric, it’s likely those will be sold out before they’d even hit the market.