I think it was just a matter of time before the video posted below would eventually pop up on the internet. After all, Doug DeMuro is known for reviewing and detailing the most interesting cars out there and, say what you will about the MINI JCW GP, but it has one heck of an unusual appearance. It may not rise to your expectations in some areas but all you need is one look at it to realize there’s something lurking under the sheet metal.

The MINI JCW GP looks outlandish from the get go, with that massive wing at the back, the bigger wheels, lower riding suspension and huge grilles on the front fascia. But looks aren’t everything and, as Doug points out, this small car has over 300 HP to rely on, and that’s a lot, no matter how you look at it. He also explains what the deal is with those panels attached to the fenders. You see, MINI uses wider wheels on the JCW GP to allow for better traction, therefore wider fenders were needed. And this was the solution they came up with.

Going over to the back, the main attraction there is the massive wing. This has become a sort of trademark for JCW GP models over the years and the new version is no exception. As for its design, Doug also points out why there’s a gap in the middle of it and yes, you probably knew it already: it’s for the antenna. He also counted the GP badges and reported back with a total of eight on the exterior alone. There are seven more once you open the doors, two on the door sills, two on the seats, one for each paddle on the steering wheel and one on the dash.

As for the driving experience, there are a few things to point out. The MINI JCW GP offers a truly bumpy ride. The main focus of the car was to be capable on the track and since you don’t get adaptive dampers and so on, driving it on the street does make it feel pretty harsh. It’s also a very fast car, with a sharp response to your inputs and, according to Doug, it has a bit of a torque steer issue. Check out the video for more details.