Prices for mint BMW E39 M5 models have been steadily going up lately. They haven’t seen the meteoric rise of other older M cars, like the E30 M3, but they have been going up ever so slightly. Understandably so too, as the E39 is considered by many the best looking M5 ever made. Furthermore, the S62 engine under the hood is one of the most viable the M division ever made. Those two reasons are enough to convince a lot of people to buy one of these beauties. But would you pay $59,950 for one?

The people from Park Place Ltd have a 2001 model up for grabs right now for that exact price. It is dressed up in Royal Red Metallic (a rare color on the E39 M5) and has only 20,241 miles on the clock. Since this is a fun car to drive, one does have to wonder why it was hardly ever driven over its 19-years of service but that’s a different discussion altogether.

Unfortunately, this car might not really qualify as a collector’s item. That’s because even though it had only one owner so far, it was slightly modified. It now has a Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake and a Dinan stainless steel exhaust. I know this isn’t a huge change, and even though these are Dinan parts of the highest quality, collectors are usually interested in bone stock cars, with as little miles on the clock as possible.

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And if there will be someone paying almost $60,000 for this car, that’s bound to be a collector, looking to see this car’s value go up even more in the future. Sure, a true fan of the E39 M5 generation might also snatch it up and drive it daily but the chances of that happening are a lot slimmer.