While the BMW M8 has gotten a bit of criticism in the media, as of late, due to not being the most fun driver’s car in the world. That said, it’s still a damn good looking one. Especially when you get it in a great color and, let’s face it, if you’re spending six figures on a high-performance luxury coupe (or Gran Coupe), you should spend the extra money or an Individual color. Here are some of the best.

Speed Yellow

Obviously, the best color for the BMW M8 is Speed Yellow because it’s an incredible color that not only shows off all of the M8’s body lines but makes it appear more exotic as well. When you have a car that’s as expensive and as powerful as the M8, you want to get a color that makes it stand out. Nothing will make it stand out like Speed Yellow.

Daytona Violet

Another absolutely incredible color choice is Daytona Violet. There just aren’t enough purple cars in the world and Daytona Violet is a stunning shade of it. It’s dark and mysterious at night and bright and vibrant during the day. Lovely color that perfectly matches the BMW M8. It also reminds us of BMW’s iconic Techno Violet that was so iconic on E36 M3s.

Orinoco Blue

There’s also a really lovely Orinoco Blue metallic, which is perfect for anyone who owns an M8 on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a pretty blue-ish/green that works perfect in coastal climates and makes the M8 seem a bit calmer, a bit classier than more exiting colors that accentuate its performance. Orinoco Blue is for M8 customers that want to cruiser and will probably be preferable in Convertibles.

Malachite Green

Rounding out the interesting color palette is Malachite Green, which is a bright, sharp metallic green that works really well on the BMW M8. It’s not as dark as some of BMW’s other shades of green, and gives off a more exotic feel, which is good on the M8. It’s a bit more vibrant, which makes the M8 stand out as more of a performance car than a luxury car.


If you want another more elegant color, something more befitting the Convertible M8, Zanzibar metallic is a nice choice. It’s a deep bronze color that throws off vibes of old-school luxury, the sort of thing you might see old film directors driving around in. It’s certainly a color for customer who value straight-line cruising over all else but it’s a pretty color nevertheless.

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Obviously, there are more BMW Individual colors, countless more in fact, but these are some of the best for the BMW M8. Whether it be the M8 Coupe, Convertible or Gran Coupe, these colors will make your car stand out from the rest. Sure, they’re pricey options but does it really matter at that point?

[Source: BMW-M]