Just recently, an absolutely perfect E30 BMW M3 sold for such an eye-watering amount that the entire enthusiast-world seems to have gone crazy. On Bring-a-Trailer, the E30 M3 sold for a whopping $250,000. That’s an incredible amount of money for an E30 M3, even if it’s likely the greatest driving BMW of all time. Though, if you want to see why the original M3 is so desirable, check out this video from EAG.

This specific E30 BMW M3 is actually modified a bit, unlike the car that sold for almost as much as I paid for my house, as it actually has the 2.5 liter engine, rather than the standard 2.3 liter engine. Because of that, it has about 30-or-so extra horsepower, which makes it feel punchier than the standard car. It also has 26,000 miles on the clock, which seems like its been abused compared to the 8,000 mile car that just sold for a quarter of a million dollars

So while it’s not as absolutely perfect as that uber-expensive car but it’s still incredible and should carry a hefty price tag. Expect all E30 M3s to get a bit too expensive in the next few years. After that perfect one sold for so much, the market is going to drive up, with every E30 BMW M3 owner thinking that their car is worth the same and customers willing to pay premiums for them.

In this video, though, we get to see why it’s so good to drive, though, which is what makes it so desirable. It’s the original M3, the most analog M3 — and potentially the most analog BMW of any kind — of all time. Its steering is near-perfect, its engine is a high-revving masterpiece and its chassis is as playful as they come. So if you want to know why the E30 M3 is the king, watch this video.