E30 BMW M3

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Awesome or Outrageous: E30 BMW M3 with E46 M3 S54-Swap?

There’s an opinion among some BMW enthusiasts that the E30 BMW M3 isn’t actually the best version of the E30 3 Series. Instead, some Bimmerphiles actually prefer the E30 BMW 325i, as its 2.5 liter…

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Car Mag pits E30 BMW M3 vs Mercedes-Benz 190E Cosworth

When it comes to famous automotive battles, there are a couple that immediately come to mind; Mustang versus Camaro, Corvette versus 911 and Ferrari versus Lamborghini. However, there’s an older battle, which admittedly only lasted…

BMW Mount Rushmore — Which Bimmers Do You Put On It?

E30 BMW M3 test drive 94 830x553

5 Reasons to Own an E30 M3 – The Iconic Bimmer

BMW has had several absolutely iconic cars over its 100 years of existence. Not only that but there’s been iconic cars in several different decades, proving that the brand has consistently made excellent and highly…

The BMW 325i is the E30 3 Series to get, per Car and Driver

The E30-generation BMW M3 has attained a legendary status among BMW enthusiasts. For good reason, too. Its pure driving dynamics, near-perfect balance and motorsport-bred engine make it a driver’s car like few others in history….

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Five BMWs every enthusiast needs to know about

BMW is one of the few automotive brands with an absolutely massive catalog of fantastic, historic cars. It seems like every decade since the turn of the century the Bavarians came out with something that…

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What’s the best sounding BMW engine of all time?

BMW has a pretty big collection of greatest hits engines, especially when it comes to noise. The Bavarians have been making some brilliant engines for decades now, most of which producing unbelievable noises. But which…