Over the course of the last decade, most manufacturers had to adopt a series of changes to their cars, in order to abide the ever-changing legislative demands. With regulations regarding emissions drastically forcing them to seek all sorts of ways to cut fuel consumption, most companies resorted to electronic power steering systems, BMW included. While other car makers have been offering such systems for a long time, before it became the norm, for some companies this is a tricky problem to solve.

When it comes to companies like BMW, Porsche and even Mercedes to some degree, steering feedback is part of what makes driving these cars great. Whenever you hear someone praising the way a car drives, they also include the steering into the equation, because it makes a huge difference. With electronic power steering systems, 90 percent of the time, the feedback has all but gone out the window completely.

There are some advantages too though, albeit not necessarily related to the way the steering is powered. For example, on modern BMW models, the steering ratio changes along with the speed of the car. This, in turn, enhances the car’s driving appeal and should lead to a better overall feel behind the wheel. The video below definitely banks on that and does so in a very funny way, showing us a young driver barely passing his exam and then becoming a true Ken Block once he steps inside a 4 Series.

Sure, a good car will make you look like a more skilled driver but it definitely won’t work miracles, like it is shown below. It’s still a nice and funny way to put things into perspective. As for the 4 Series, we can’t wait to see if that controversial packaging will be forgotten once you get inside and actually drive this car.