Rolls-Royce is getting ready to launch the new generation Ghost, a car that proved to be quite popular with their customers in the past. Therefore, there’s a lot riding on its success, so the people in Goodwood need to bring their A-game, as usual.

Today we caught wind of a new technology to be offered on it. Dubbed MEPS, the new feature seeks to offer prospective customers the best air a car can deliver to the cabin right now.

According to Rolls-Royce, the system will use the latest sensor and Nanofleece filtration technology, to create the ‘cleanest micro environment’ available in any car today. The system is, therefore, made up of so-called Impurity Detection Sensors and Nanofleece filtration.

We’re told the Ghost will get this for the first time once it is launched later this year. We’re not sure whether the other cars in the range will get it, but I have a feeling the Phantom won’t be left out.

Fux orange Rolls Royce Cullinan 09 830x830

Rolls-Royce has been implementing systems that clean out the air pushed through, into the cabin, since 2015, using state-of-the-art air filtration equipment. Harmful carbon and pollen particles have been kept at bay rather nicely, as I never heard anyone complain about it so far, but it looks like the new Micro Environment Purification System should take things to a whole new level.

As for how it works, Impurity Detection Sensors have been introduced to detect ambient air quality, automatically switching fresh air intakes to Recirculation Mode if unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are present.

This channels all cabin air through a Nanofleece filter, which is capable of removing nearly all ultra-fine particles, viruses and bacteria from the Rolls-Royce’s micro environment in less than two minutes.

Following the initial implementation of this technology, clients in future will be able to remotely pre-condition the micro environment within their Rolls-Royce via the vehicle’s app in preparation for their arrival.