The BMW Group will have a strong presence this week in Beijing at the Auto China 2024. Not only are the MINI Aceman and updated BMW i4 debuting there, but so are these Rolls-Royce models. What makes them special? Aside from being bespoke commissions, these are the first RR vehicles created by the Private Office Shanghai design studio.

The one-offs are based on the fully electric Spectre coupe and a pair of sedans – the flagship Phantom Extended and the smaller Ghost Extended. The trio was a global collaboration between designers at home in Goodwood, UK and a designer permanently based in Shanghai. RR gave fancy names to all three cars: Spectre Escapism, Phantom Extended Magnetism, and Ghost Extended Expressionism.

Starting with the EV, its striking two-tone finish takes after South America’s tropics. Spectre combines Lantana Red with Tempest Grey and rides on 23-inch wheels with a seven-spoke, part-polished look. The center caps get a body-matching Lantana Red while the Spirit of Ecstasy is discreetly illuminated.

Stepping inside the two-door cabin, the Spectre offers a mélange of Selby Grey, Purple Silk, and Sunset leathers. The glitzy headliner has no fewer than 960 backlit “stars” and you’ll also notice the purple instrument dials. As a finishing touch, Rolls-Royce installed Obsidian Ayous veneer.

Moving on to the Phantom, the extra-long sedan apparently takes after a “magnetic ambiance of a beach bay under the night sky.” Marketing fluff aside, the stately saloon also adopts a two-tone look: Cala Luna Sand and Kabira Blue. Rounding off the tweaks on the outside is the Arctic White and Cala Luna Sand double coachline applied manually.

Its interior looks like a work of art with 43,096 stitches across the dashboard along with 768 Galileo Blue and 576 white stars in the headliner. The seats are wrapped in a combination of Blue Grey, Navy Blue, and Arctic White leather with Arctic White stitching for a contrasting effect.

Last but certainly not least, the stretched Ghost has an eye-catching Boracay Blue paint job with a hand-painted Lime Green coachline. The 21-inch wheels are partially polished and come wrapped in tires with retro-flavored white sidewalls.

As with all Rolls-Royce models, the real magic is inside where there are 104,268 stitches across all four door panels. In addition, it’s hard to miss the Lime Green accents on the Black and Arctic White leather seats. This one too has a Starlight Headliner, comprised of 520 lime green and another 520 white stars.

The ultra-luxury British marque will have all three bespoke commissions at Auto China 2024 in Beijing from April 25 until May 4.

Source: Rolls-Royce