The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer model is arguably one of the oddest cars BMW makes these days. Even if you ignore its front-wheel drive platform, the MPV still looks out of place because of its design. It’s taller and narrower than what we’re used to from BMW and that makes it easy to pick on. Be that as it may, the first generation proved to be quite successful and the Bavarians decided to create a new model.

The upcoming 2 Series Active Tourer will be built atop the same FAAR architecture as the latest front-wheel drive BMW models. That means it will be using a modular platform that would allow it to be configured with a host of powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid version.

Not entirely different than what we have on the market today, with the 225xe model being basically a plug-in hybrid in a reverse configuration as to what you’d find on an i8.

What caught me off guard in this spy video was the front-end. For now, this is clearly an early prototype so a lot of elements will be different once the car ends up on sale. However, you can clearly see a huge set of grilles right in the middle of it, between the headlights.

Even though the shape might change, judging by how far apart the headlights are, chances are we’re going to end up with a large set of grilles on this car. Will that make it more attractive to customers? Remains to be seen.

The 2 Series Active Tourer is likely to get a new infotainment system and design, as per our report last week. Back then, the car was spotted testing with a different screen layout inside, that may rise a couple of eyebrows.

It’s a brand new design for BMW models, one that resembles the one used on Mercedes-Benz cars. Whether that’s going to be reserved for cars built on the FAAR platform or not, we don’t know, but considering how old the interior of cars like the X1 and X2 seem right now, a change was desperately needed.