The Manhart’s take on the BMW X3 M Competition might just be the most hardcore machine we’ve seen yet. The German tuner actually pushed the new M SUV to the limit and created a monster with over 600 HP by using just a 3-liter straight six engine.

For that engine size, the amount of power it delivers is pretty stunning. The one issue we had with this car when it came out was that the tuner didn’t mention the acceleration time for the usual 0-62 mph sprint.

That wasn’t exactly a surprise, as Manhart is known for such behavior. Most of the time they don’t list these acceleration times, but mention the top speed of the cars they tune.

Luckily, the guys from AutoTopNL took a tuned Manhart MHX3 out for a spin to see just what kind of numbers it would provide them with on the Dragy app. The result? A mind-bending 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) that takes just 3.26 seconds.

That level of performance puts the X3 M right next to some seriously fast cars, like none other than the bigger brother from Bavaria – the BMW M8 Competition. Not only that number is impressive but also the fact that it can reach nearly 300 km/h (186 mph) in a straight line. Mind you, this is still an SUV and reaching such velocities is not an easy thing to do. Furthermore, this sort of speed used to be reserved for supercars, not long ago.

The Manhart MHX3 600 will cost a pretty penny though, in case you were wondering. Even so, considering the kind of performance it brings to the table and the fact that’s actually a usable, decently-sized SUV, I think it might very well be worth a look over. Judging by the performance shown in the video below, it might be a more than great choice for a number of enthusiasts.