The signature song of an M car is the sound of shredding tires and rubber turning to smoke. Ripping tires to bits is sort of the M Division’s pastime. So learning how to do a proper donut in an M car is actually of a cultural necessity among M owners. Which is why BMW teaches you how to do donuts in this new video.

At M Town, there are a great many automotive playgrounds and one of which is a massive open space for big, drifty donuts. In this new video, we get to learn how to do such donuts in an F82 BMW M4 on that very space from BMW driver Ede Weihretter.

The first thing we learn is that, to do a proper donut, you must first get in the right seating position. Your seat must be low; low enough that you can feel the chassis of the car as it slides and sit in its center of gravity; but it must also be close enough to the pedals and steering wheel for proper control. No resting your wrist on the top of the wheel. It needs to be close enough that, with your hands at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions, you’re elbows are bent.

Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 - ADV.1 Wheels

Weihretter claims that the golden gear for the F82 BMW M4 for drifting is second gear and he does most of his drifts at around 30 mph. That allows him to take it nice and easy and hold the slides all the way through. Anyone that’s driven an M4 before knows that it’s a car that can get very tail happy. So he picked the perfect car to show off nicely controlled drifts.

After that, he brings along his boss to drift alongside of him and we get to see both an Austin Yellow BMW M4 and Yas Marina Blue M4 drifting in circles around each other. It’s a fun video that gives you a bit of insight on how to be a proper drift master.