In any spec, the BMW X3 M is one of the very best cars the brand currently makes. It’s shockingly fast, more capable than some sports cars are and practical enough to be a daily-driving crossover. It even looks great, is the right size and has a great interior. But if you want your X3 M to make even more of a statement, to tell all the other parents at the school drop-off that your crossover is faster than theirs, you can turn to 3D Design.

Among aftermarket part companies for BMWs, 3D Design is among the best in the world. After seeing the BMW X3 M adorned with 3D Design add-ons, you can clearly see why. The new front lip, side skirt and rear diffuser all look perfect. There’s no cheap, semi-fitting parts here. All of which are also made from carbon fiber and look excellent. All the exterior add-ons also visually lower the car, making it seem even more aggressive than it already is.

However, the biggest impact actually comes inside the car. While only two upgrades are really made, they make a big difference and, more importantly make that difference to how you actually experience the car. So inside, you get beautifully made carbon fiber paddle shifters, which are not only nicer looking than the ones BMW provides but they’re bigger, making them easier to grab while driving quickly. Also, you get gorgeous aluminum pedals and, c’mon, who doesn’t love aluminum pedals?

Both the side skirts and the front lip are also interchangeable with the BMW X4 M. S if that’s the car you own, these images will give you an accurate idea as to what you’re car will look like with these parts from the front. Obviously, the X4 M has a different rear end, so the back won’t look identical.

We’ve long been big advocates of 3D Design’s parts, as they’re some of the finest in the industry. The BMW X3 M is also one of our favorite BMWs at the moment, so this is a great match for any owner.