One of the more interesting aspects of the relationship between BMW and the Toyota Supra is tuning. Previous generations of Supra had an almost endless array of mods and were some of the most popular cars for tuners, especially in the JDM scene. Now, the Supra is essentially a BMW Z4, as it uses a shared chassis, a BMW engine and a German-made, ZF-sourced gearbox. So tuning the new Supra is much like tuning a BMW. Because of that, you’re seeing a lot of BMW tuners offering parts and kits for the new Supra and the latest is 3D Design.

As one of the biggest tuners of BMWs in the world, it’s fun to see 3D Design make some mods for the new Toyota Supra. It’s also fitting because 3D Design is from Japan and the Supra is a Japanese automotive legend. So it’s actually awesome to see the two together.

The beauty of this 3D Design kit is that it looks a bit crazy but that works well on the Supra. It’s such a radically designed car that crazy look good on it. The carbon fiber front splitter is large and makes the front end look lower and angrier than before. The side skirts are thick and visually slam the car to the ground. Its ducktail spoiler gets even longer thanks to an additional carbon fiber one and its massive exhausts look excellent.

Inside, the Toyota Supra gets 3D Design’s typical carbon fiber paddle shifters, which look outstanding, and aluminum pedals. While it still looks very much like a BMW, these 3D Design bits make it look a bit more unique, to help separate it from the Z4 inside. Well, different from a Z4 that doesn’t also have 3D Design parts…

If you’re a Supra owner, check out this 3D Design kit, as it really improves the look of the car and makes it seem a bit more Japanese, which is huge for fans who want it to look less like a BMW.