A while back, at the dawn of 2020 and before the Coronavirus lockdown took over our lives, Rolls-Royce was issuing a press release, saying it now has a social media app on offer for its customers. Whispers is aiming at the ultra-rich out there, and it is available solely to those who buy a Rolls-Royce. Therefore, you’ll only find people with certain backgrounds and inclinations on there. It is, if you will, the technological embodiment of the concept of networking.

Well, during the lockdown, Rolls-Royce took a look at what was going on inside the app and how people were using it and got some interesting results. In case you were wondering how the ultra-rich spent their time during the lockdown, this is your chance to find out. The company set up a Luxury Intelligence Unit whose sole purpose was to offer interesting experience to the customers, experiences that could take place inside their own homes.

It looks like family-oriented offerings have surged in popularity. Virtual magic lessons from a magician hailing from the prestigious California-based Magic Castle have been particularly popular, as have First Edition Classic Children’s Books. Among those books you’ll find ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and notably, ‘The Wind in the Willows.’ Books about nature were also quite popular as well as biophilic design – incorporating the natural world into an architectural environment.

Online courses allowing members to immerse themselves in the world of design, photography and abstract paintings have proved to be popular diversions, whilst virtual performances by esteemed theater groups have replaced the customary red-carpet experiences. Health and wellness has also been popular with ‘digital-care’ packages from the most luxurious hotels and spas around the world.

“The findings show that many clients are looking to the future as Whispers members seek to enhance their surrounds. Bespoke creations, such as tailored home cinemas and lighting installations for outdoor sculptures demonstrate the Rolls-Royce patron’s inclination to surround themselves with unique and highly personal items. Something that at Rolls-Royce, we know only too well,” concluded Verena Masters, Head of Whispers, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.