The BMW Concept 4 has now finally made its way to the BMW Welt. The highly debated concept car of the upcoming BMW 4 Series is triggering the emotions of BMW enthusiasts from around the globe. If you didn’t make it to the Frankfurt Motor Show, where the concept was premiered last year for the first time, you can now check out the car at the Welt in Munich.

If you have the possibility to visit the Welt in the coming days / weeks, I highly recommend stopping by and seeing the concept through your eyes. Although the car is still hiding behind some small glass walls, it is possible to get very close to it.

Personally I was as skeptical as many BMW fans out there when I first saw the pictures. But after I saw the car in person, my feelings about the design and especially the large grille are changing.

First of all you need to see and understand the BMW Concept 4 as a whole. When I first walked up to the car my nose was basically next to the grille. But that’s, of course, a limited view. If you take back a few steps, you will notice the overall sporty and sleek design of the Concept.

Of course, the front is still dominated by the large grille, but it’s framed on both sides by large air intakes and sharp head lights. Now you also recognize the massive 21-inch wheels and the stretched hood. And then, in the end, the grille is just one part of the entire design concept.

Although we know that certain details of the concept will not make it into production (like the sharp headlights), the future of the BMW 4 Series will be shaped by a new design language. And it will give the new 4er an exclusive and personal appearance.

Here’s where BMW’s Concept 4 inspired grille direction could go

Not everyone will like it, but I highly recommend seeing the car in person. If you can. As almost always, the best impressions are made in person. And that doesn’t only count for humans, but also for cars.