It’s quite amazing how much cars have changed in the last decade. Even as recently as 2007, most cars sold were sedans or Coupes, a far cry from the crossovers and SUVs that are dominating the market today.

The BMW Z4 M Coupe is regarded, by many, as one of the last true M cars ever made. They do have some arguments that do ring true and BMW knows it. At the same time, the Bavarian company has to cater to a lot of people and most customers are not particularly interested in what made the Z4 M special.

The guys from Savagegeese were lucky enough to be handed the keys to a 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe. Considering how harsh they have been with modern BMWs, I was really curious to see how the old Z4 M would match up to their high expectations.

Right from the bat you start to realize just how long ago this car was built. The interior reflects that, not necessarily because it is out of date, but because it lacks a proper infotainment system and you only find one driving mode button on the center console: Sport.

This was the dawn of the modern-day BMWs and it shows. The underbody also shows it, with the Z4 M Coupe using an older platform.

How much would it cost you to own a collection of BMW legends?

The review also goes over the maintenance and issues this car could have later down the road. The S54 engine needs no more introduction, but they do offer an interesting take on what it would take to buy and run such a car.

And then, it’s time to take it out on the road and see how it drives. I won’t spoil the fun of watching them, enjoy!