During the extended COVID-19 lockdown, BMW has decided to offer some insight into their work behind the scenes. Today we’re taking a look at the M Performance Parts the Germans have been developing lately and what they are supposed to bring to the table. The man in charge of the discussion is Bjorn Lellmann, Head of Product Management for M Performance Parts.

Therefore, when it comes to these add-ons, there’s nobody better to explain what they do and what their purpose is from the get go.

According to Lellmann, the goal of the M Performance add-ons is not necessarily to look good. Of course, that plays an important role in the overall design process. But that’s only part of the story. The bigger and more important aspect is related to the practical advantages they bring to the table.

M Performance parts are developed on the track with a focus on improving performance in every way. For example, the front splitters and the rear spoilers are not to be added on a car randomly.

The M Performance parts are calculated and designed so that they work together to keep the downforce exerted on the car equal across the entire body. This way, you don’t have too much on the front axle or the rear axle, upsetting the balance of the car on the track. That’s just one example of how these parts are engineered and developed.

The video below will tell you more.