One of the newest ways to search for mods and other car parts is ModFind. This nice thing about ModFind is that it’s a car-part marketplace for the enthusiast community. So you know the people selling parts are genuine gear-heads, as are the people buying. What’s more, if you’re trying to sell a part but are having a hard time, you can pay other local enthusiasts to promote your add. It’s an interesting system that should help create growing enthusiast communities.

You can look for parts for any brand on ModFind but, being BMWBLOG, we decided to check out five of the best sorts of mods you can find.


One subtle addition to your car that can actually make a big difference is a rear diffuser. While most rear diffusers are pointless on road cars, as the extra aerodynamic stability is only helpful at speeds well past most legal limits, they look cool. They add some extra aggression to the rear end of a car and make it seems much sportier. If they aren’t made from carbon fiber, diffusers can also be relatively affordable mods that make a car look a lot better.

Rear Spoilers

Who doesn’t love a good rear spoiler? Spoilers are just cool, even if they’re even more useless than rear diffusers on most road cars. The point of a rear spoiler is to create downforce on the rear end of the car but if you’re doing the sorts of speeds that actually create downforce on the road, you’ll end up in jail. Nevertheless, there are few things cooler than a proper spoiler on the rear of a sports car.


While diffusers and spoilers add sex appeal, brakes add functionality. There are few mods that can make as big of a difference in how your car actually feels than a good set of brakes. On ModFind, not only can you find actual brake kits but caliper upgrades, too. If you want your car to stop better, getting some upgraded brakes going to drastically improve your car’s stopping distance, pedal feel and even capabilities on track, if you’re into that sort of thing. Plus, if you get cool looking calipers, you can see them through the wheels.


If brakes are one of the biggest difference makers among car mods, coilovers (and/or fixed suspension) upgrades can be the biggest. Throwing a set of new coilovers on your car not only gives it the ability to look better (depending the taste of the buyer) but they also increase performance. Good coilovers will help your car both handle and ride better, which is one they’re one of the very best upgrades you can make to your car.


The reasons wheels are number one on this list are easy of use and cost. For instance, you don’t need to spend thousands on a set of wheels (though you can, if you’d like) and yet they make the biggest visual difference you can get. Plus, wheels are incredibly easy to install and far easier than anything else mentioned on this list.


This series was brought to you by ModFind and BMWBLOG as part of a collaboration and partnership.

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