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Top Five Car Mods for BMWs According to ModFind

One of the newest ways to search for mods and other car parts is ModFind. This nice thing about ModFind is that it’s a car-part marketplace for the enthusiast community. So you know the people…

Analysis: BMW M2 Competition brakes vs. BMW M2 CS brakes

BMW carbon ceramic brake 750x500

Video: How to Use Your BMW High Performance Brakes

You’d think that one of the easiest concepts to understand, in this technology-filled automotive world, would be the brakes. In my head, using the brake pedal is pretty straightforward: you press it and then the…

Column: Braking Systems And You

A brief introduction to brakes and the reasons for their evolution with some advice thrown in for good measure. Ever stop to think about your brakes? Most people don’t think too much of them until…