Las Vegas is one of those fascinating places on Earth, where people feel anything can happen. It provides so many opportunities and is such a vibrant place that it definitely has a special allure. So it comes as no surprise that MINI decided to take its electric model to Sin City.

As for the MINI Electric, we already know what sets it apart from the rest of the range. It’s right there in the name and it speaks about its character and potential. This is also the first ever official, mass-made fully electric car from MINI.

What is rather obvious from the pictures below though, is that the MINI Electric feels right at home in the heart of Vegas.

That “heart” would be The Strip, one of the most famous boulevards in the world. The neon-soaked asphalt and the people living, working or simply walking on the strip are used to hearing that specific hum electricity makes whenever present in spades, so the sound the MINI Electric made was probably not even noticed. The city’s most famous boulevard is almost seven kilometers long and charts its course from north to south.

Lines of hotels with a sonorous names like “Venetian”, “Mirage”, “Flamingo”, “Caesars Palace”, “Bellagio”, “MGM Grand”, “New York, New York” or “Luxor” lead the way to the equally famous welcome sign with the immortal words “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” to offer yet another photo opportunity. And there are plenty of photo opportunities in the desert city as you’re about to see, courtesy of the photo gallery below.