Rolls-Royce intends that every customer experience to its home in Goodwood is a special one. If you’re spending more than double the cost of an average American home one of the brand’s cars, the experience had better be pretty special after all. But it isn’t just free espresso and a tour of the factory that makes visiting Goodwood feel unique. Rolls-Royce has gone to incredible lengths to make its home in Goodwood stand out, even going as far as to commission its own flower — the Phantom Rose.

Upon visiting Goodwood and walking through the Courtyard, you’ll see the Rolls-Royce Phantom Rose, a flower specifically bred for the British luxury brand by the award-winning Phillip Harkness.

“A rose has the ability to captivate you on many levels. It is a thing of beauty, it can stimulate the senses with wonderful perfume, the soft touch of the petals or the rasping pain from a thorn. It touches our emotions, signifies love and appears in some of our finest poetry. How can a simple flower live up to this expectation? The rose that Rolls-Royce has commissioned makes easy work of the task. Observe the glory of the bloom. There can be few more enjoyable experiences, thanks to the unending generosity and diversity of nature captured in one single rose.” said Harkness.

Roses are classic symbols of love, passion and beauty and the Rolls-Royce Phantom Rose is genuinely beautiful. It’s even been the inspiration behind a couple of Bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantoms. One of which had the Phantom Rose recreated in stunning porcelain for the now-famous Art Gallery dashboard trim and the other had the Roses stitched into the headliner, door trims and basically everywhere else possible, using one million stitches.

Of the million-stitch Phantom, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer Ieuan Hatherall said “There is a transcendent beauty when a rose garden is in full bloom. The commissioning patron wanted to create that same feeling of awe; an abundance of flowers to lift the spirit and celebrate nature’s decadent beauty.

Stepping into the million-stitch Phantom does indeed seem stunning. The level of craftsmanship is next level and it was inspired entirely by this beautiful Rose.

“The rose had to embody Rolls-Royce’s poise, elegance and allure. The result was a very pure, delicate but voluminous white flower: sensual, but strong in presence, with an alluring aroma and extra winter durability.” said Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer Sina-Maria Eggl.