It’s always fun seeing spy shots of cars that are still in production. It’s like spotting some rare wild animal in its natural habitat, doing something that you wouldn’t normally see it doing. Except, instead of seeing a rare tiger licking its… paw… we’re seeing a BMW i4 stopping for some juice. (We don’t own these spy photos so you can check them out here)

In these new spy photos, we get to see a camouflaged BMW i4 test mule surprisingly up close and personal. These photos offer a better look at the i4 than almost any other ones we’ve seen. Most of what we can see from the design we’ve already seen before. However, there are a few things that stand out that interest us.

BMW i4 Concept

For starters, we can see the top of the new grille design through the mesh camo at the front and it seems to be the same sort we’ve seen on the M3 and M4. So it seems to lack a grille surround trim, almost as if the kidney grilles have just been cookie-cut out of the front end. Though, that could just be how it looks through the camo. It also has the same flush exterior door handles as the i4 Concept (!). Personally, I love flush door handles, maybe it’s just from owning an E36 for so many years, and I’m happy to see them making a comeback. Funnily enough, it seems as if BMW has fake looking door pulls, to match all other current BMWs, in the camouflage.

When the BMW i4 finally debuts, it will supposedly pack over 300 miles of range, have over 500 hp and nail 60 mph in the low four-second range. If that’s the case, and it’s priced under $100,000, the BMW i4 could very well be one of the best EVs on sale. We can’t wait to see it. Maybe just front the back and side, though…

[Source: Car Scoops]