It’s about that time again, when the latest BMWBLOG Podcast episode drops and you get to fill your eats with the sweet, nasally sound of my voice. In this week’s episode, I break it down, get real and talk about something near and dear to my hear — my very first car, an E36 BMW 3 Series. Oh, and some other stuff, like why lightweight cars are best.

Actually, the first topic I touch on in this episode is why automakers should start lightweight wars and quite trying to one-up each other in horsepower wars. Rather than try and make cars more and more powerful, just focus on lightweight tech and spend more R&D money making lightweight chassis materials more affordable. This way, we can have stuff like the 3 Series not weight closer to 4,000 lbs than 3,000 lbs. Remember when 3ers were relatively lightweight sports cars? Now, the G20 weighs more than most past 5 Series’.

Lastly, I talk about something that means a lot to me — my own personal E36. The very first car I bought was an E36 BMW 328i sedan, a car I’ve spoken about a few times before. It’s always meant a lot to me, as I owned it for almost ten years on the nose and went through so much of my adult life in it. So many ups and downs, wild adventures and big moments in my life were seen through the windshield of that car. So as many headaches as it gave me, my E36 3 Series will always hold a special place in my heart.

So check out this week’s episode and remember to email me and ask me questions that I can answer on next week’s episode. My email hasn’t changed, people, So shoot me some questions, or even just something you’d like to share, and I’ll be sure to feature it next week. Until then, listen to episode 18 and enjoy.