The 2021 BMW i4 has got rid of the heavy cladding and now wears only minimal camouflage as the prototypes enters the final experimental phase (FEP) ahead of next year’s reveal. (Photos here)

The first-ever i4 electric Gran Coupe is developed on the G26 4 Series platform and promises to achieve an outstanding driving range of at least 373 miles / 600 kilometers (calculated as per WLTP). What’s more, the i4 will pack the 5th generation of the Li-Ion battery with an 80 kWh capacity, as part of the state-of-the-art eDrive powertrain rated at no less than 390 kW / 530 PS (523 hp).

Fifth generation BMW eDrive technology 0003 830x587

The i4 is part of the new wave of pure-electric BMW i vehicles that kicks off this year with the iX3 and continues in 2021 with the iX / iNEXT halo model. We have already seen what the new i4 will basically look like, thanks to BMW Concept i4 showcar revealed in March.

Of course, as seen in the latest spy pics, the overall styling will be toned down a bit, but not by much. The futuristic headlights and tail lamps will make way to series lights with a more conventional design. The new front lamps will be sleek and feature Laser technology, while the rear end lights will bare a revised “L” signature.

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In addition, to differentiate the 2021 BMW i4 from the future ICE-powered 4 Series Gran Coupe, further styling measures will be established to ensure brand individuality. As in the case of the recently leaked iX3 (G08) electric SAV, the forthcoming i4 will too feature several body accents in BMW i blue, likely to be found kidney grille frame, on the car’s door sills and at the back end.

It is also possible that the new i4 also gets the two rear diffuser elements inspired by the Concept i4. Painted in BMW i blue, these dual parts make up for the lack of exhaust pipes and add further presence and muscularity to the rear end of the upcoming i4.

Moreso, to further improve aerodynamics, the i4 will also feature Aerodynamic Wheels like the iX3, but with a new rim design.

The front bumper will display a hallmark BMW i design, while the radiator grille will cover the entire height of the front fascia and feature separated kidney and a black mesh design with specific pattern.

Last, but not least, a triangular chrome element with the BMW i logo will sit on the i4’s front wings just like in the case of the iX3, to better highlight the car’s identity and set it apart from the ICE counterparts.

Photo Comparison: BMW i4 Concept vs Audi e-tron GT Concept

Inside, similar to the future iX, the i4 will too be equipped with the digital Curved Display, already previewed on the Concept i4. With the installed, on-board 150 kW battery charger, BMW promises that the i4’s high-voltage battery will be refilled up to 80 percent in about 35 minutes.

Upon the launch in 2021, the i4 will be available with RWD traction, but an all-wheel-drive high-end choice is also possible thereafter. It becomes more and more likely that the naming structure for the i4 will employ the i430 title for the entry-level model. The top version might get a more aggressive styling and some M-bits, so the naming convention could reflect that.

Unpopular Opinion: I Like BMW i4 Concept’s New Logo

As a side note, I would have preferred something like “i4 sDrive30e” (instead i430) and “i4 xDrive40e” (instead of i440). It would have made a whole lot more sense.