Even though most of us are stuck inside, some people still get to work like they used to before the Covid-19 crisis emerged. Those people include test drivers who just yesterday had a blast on the Nurburgring during one of those famous Industry Testing Pool days. BMW was, of course, among those who took advantage of the opening of the Green Hell and you can spot both the upcoming M3 and the M4 doing their thing in the video below.

The first spot comes around the 4:16 mark where we can see two BMWs and a Porsche 718 Spyder going at it. One of the BMWs seems to be the facelifted 5 Series Touring which is currently on its way but the other is the upcoming G82 M4. You can tell by the wide hips, the quad tailpipes at the back and the M side mirror covers, not to mention the speed it carries compared to the regular 5er alongside it.


It is unfortunate that we don’t get to see how the M4 and the Porsche got along since the 718 is a great platform and could be considered a rival for the upcoming M car. Then there’s the BMW M3 which can be spotted a couple of times. The first instance comes up around the 5-minute mark, at 5:15 to be more precise. This time round, the M3 seems to be an older prototype, with the front end missing some production-spec equipment. Nevertheless, the quad tailpipes at the back and the wide hips tell you what it is right away.

The same M3 can also be spotted at the 7:10 mark in the Carousel, carrying some impressive speed and at 8:30 in the same corner, this time with some huge air intakes visible on the front bumper. A lot of other cars from other manufacturers are also on display here, including the upcoming S-Class and the new Audi RS3. This goes to show that car makers are still hard at work and they are still planning to carry out their launches, despite all that is happening in the world right now.