BMW has had a good year sales-wise over the course of 2019. A new sales record was set while the M division also rose to the top of its segment. What’s incredibly impressive is that sales of the BMW M division managed to outshine the competition without two of its most popular offerings. The BMW M3 hasn’t been available for quite some time now while the BMW M4 is in its final months of production, with demand dwindling, which is normal for such an old model.

However, BMW had other models to bank on and the BMW X3 and BMW X4 in M-guise managed to cover the gap left open by the M3 and M4. The two SUVs are also available in Competition guise and they are part of the biggest offensive BMW M ever carried out in its segment, with several new M models being launched across 2020. From the M135i xDrive to the BMW M8 models, customers had plenty of choices to pick from.

g80 m3 830x404

BMW also officially confirmed that the upcoming BMW G80 M3 and BMW G82 M4 are coming this year, as we reported last year. “With the latest product offensive, we have managed to attract new target groups to experience that unmistakable M feeling,” says Thomas Felbermair, head of Sales and Marketing at the BMW M GmbH. “We are confident that through the market launch of numerous further attractive models, we will continue to forge ahead on our path to success in 2020.”

Well, even though the new G80 M3 and G82 M4 models will be shown in full this year, chances are sales won’t really kick off until 2021. According to our info, the cars will be shown this summer with production slated to kick off in November. That means deliveries will most likely kick off early in 2021 but there’s little no chance of seeing the first M3 and M4 cars arrive in dealer showrooms before that.