As more and more spy photos of the BMW 4 Series keep popping up, we’re getting a better and better idea of what it’s going to look like. It goes without saying that the focal point of the next-gen 4er is going to be its new grille design. BMW has taken the iconic kidney grilles and enlarged them to the point of caricature. This new design direction has caused quite a bit of controversy among the BMW fanbase, to put it lightly. Which is why we’re very interested to see what you readers have to say about this new 4 Series render.

The render we see here is based off of the recently-unveiled BMW i4 Concept, just with its EV-ness removed and a more traditional face grafted on. So it gets more traditional headlights, a functional grille and some new front air intakes. From what we’ve seen in spy photos, there’s a good chance that this design isn’t far off.

That said, fans aren’t going to like it. Not only does its monstrous grille design stay but everything else about it seems massive. The entire front end is as upright as an SUVs and its headlights are enormous. Not that it’s exactly bad looking but it’s very large, very bold and very much in your face.

Being based off of the i4 Concept, this 4 Series render is obviously of the Gran Coupe variant. Considering that we’ve been told that the upcoming i4 will largely be based on the 4 Series Gran Coupe, this design is most likely somewhat accurate. Though, don’t expect it to be as slab-sided or as minimalist as the i4 Concept. It’s also not likely to get the flush door handles or absurdly large hockey-stick trim. But expect the front end of this render to be relatively accurate.

When the BMW 4 Series does eventually come out, it’s going to be one of the most radical designs in the history of BMW. If you thought Bangle had it rough, I feel bad for every designer at BMW, as the backlash is going to be overly extreme. BMW fans historically don’t like chance and this is a big change.


[Source: @zer.o.wt]