The newest set of spy shots with the forthcoming G22 2021 BMW 4 Series are the most revealing to date, with outer camouflage having been peeled off quite consistently. In the latest scoops (which you can see here), the new 4 Series Coupe reveals a few more details than before. We can now clearly judge the proportions of the body as the exterior cladding is pretty much off. By now, the prototypes have entered the final experimental phase.

Set for an official online debut in June 2020, the new generation of the BMW 4 Series Coupe is now bolder and more polarizing than ever before, exposing a daring design philosophy that will ignite intense debates.

The side profile of the car is as clean as it can get, featuring a lot of influence from the Concept 4. The lower window line is sweeping upwards towards the rear of the car to meet the revised Hofmeister kink. Although not visible from the outside, the reinterpreted shape of the Hofmeister kink will be mostly similar to what we have already seen on the Concept 4.

BMW Concept 4 Featured Here

You can also expect some surprises inside as well. The overall dashboard will come courtesy of the 3 Series, but some design details will be individual to the 4 Series.

2021 BMW M4 Coupe – A new Render With The Same Large Kidney Grille

The new 4 Series Coupe will come equipped with a host of engines borrowed from the 3 Series. The 420i with 184 PS/181 hp, followed by the 420d with 190 PS/187 hp are the entry level models which will also feature mild electrification. Also on the list are the 430i with 258 PS/255 hp and 430d with 265 PS/261 hp, with the M440i taking the range-topper role with 374 PS/368 hp in Europe and 382 hp in the US. A plug-in hybrid variant might also considered at some point in the future.

The G22 generation is scheduled to go in production beginning with July 2020.

[Featured image rendered by @Avarvarii]