The people over at Dinan have been hard at work lately trying to put together a new exhaust for the most powerful 3 Series on sale today – the BMW M340i. This car will serve as a sort of surrogate until the new M3 comes out so the interest in it is pretty high.

Therefore, tuners have to adapt and one of the things you can easily change about your M340i is the exhaust. Not that it doesn’t sound great already but because you can always make due with a bit more volume, right?

What we have in the video below is an axle back upgrade for the M340i from Dinan. What you’ll notice immediately are the bigger tips at the end there, the quad setup hosting 4″ pipes with either ceramic black or polished finishes to choose from.

The entire system is made of stainless steel and the piping is larger as well, not just the tips, measuring 76 mm vs the stock 70. That means the car can breathe easier and leads to power and torque gains.

Don’t expect huge increases though. According to Dinan, the new axle back exhaust should bring some 6 extra horsepower and 5 lb-ft of torque at around 6,600 RPM. Not a lot, but welcome nonetheless.

Furthermore, the Dinan stainless steel kit is lighter than the stock one by 4 lbs so you can add that to the list of improvements too. The best part about all of this though is that you get to use the stock exhaust valve actuator on top of which you can add another one.

First real life look at the BMW M340d featured in Laguna Seca Blue

That means that while airflow is improved, the system can be controlled using the in-car buttons without any sort of hassle. As usual, Dinan’s products are seamlessly integrated into the car and are easy to mount. Leaving all these tech bits behind, let’s actually listen to this upgrade and see if it was worth it.