The history of the BMW Z models began with one simple and very interesting concept unveiled in the 1980s, a concept which eventually became the BMW Z1. That’s how an entirely new chapter began for BMW, a chapter that gained a new page not too long ago in the shape of the latest Z4 model. The original Z1 had a couple of very interesting tricks up its sleeve and if you want one you should make sure you get to RM Sotheby’s Essen Auction set for June 24-27.

That’s because you’ll have the chance to get yourself a 1990 BMW Z1 with only 25,000 kilometers on the clock. This is truly a rare occasion as only about 8,000 BMW Z1 cars were ever made anyhow between 1989 and 1991, as long as the Z1 was in production. This particular model only had two owners too; the first one, who bought it in 1990 and then the current owner who bought it 2009 and kept it in good condition to be sold at a later date.

Among the innovations the Z1 brought to the industry back in 1989 are the famously retracting doors, which gave it a very peculiar shape on the sides. The doors don’t open on the Z1 as they do on 99% of cars but instead retract into the floor, giving the occupants a very interesting experience. The best part about it is that you can drive with both the doors and the top down, giving you a unique sensation.

Furthermore, the Z1 was equipped with plastic body panels. They were interchangeable according to BMW and allowed you to change the color of the car without too much hassle. Whether that was true or not, only those with a Z1 bold enough to try and change the panels, could testify. I, for one, never tried and probably never will. However, if you do decide to get this Z1, which is offered without a reserve, you could try for yourself.

[Photos: RM Sotheby’s]