Some people might say that once your car’s roof has to be cut in order to get you out and save your life after a car crash, that car will probably never be used again. Those people obviously haven’t meet one of the rising stars of Youtube from Washington, a certain Mr. Salvage Master V. That’s his nickname on the video streaming platform and he is doing some really crazy projects, including one featuring a BMW X6 M.

As you can notice from the videos below, Salvage Master V bought this totaled BMW X6 M for his wife, apparently, planning to fix it and offer it to her as a baby shower gift.

According to him, this wreck cost ‘very little’ and ended up in the scrapyard after it somehow ended under a semi-truck on the freeway, while doing some 100 mph. No biggie then.

The damage is extensive and anyone in their right mind would probably stay away but that’s not an issue for our good man who is just as surprised as I was to see that the engine was actually still in running order. As a matter of fact, it seems to be absolutely fine, except for all the electronics around it being crushed into dust.

There are 14 videos about this car on his channel and they go through the entire process of restoring that BMW X6 M to its former glory. Initially, the Youtuber decided to get a donor car to get the parts he needed to complete his project. That included the entire front end and the left side of the car along with the roof.

However, at one point he decides it would just be easier to use the donor car instead (as its shell was nearly intact, except for the front end, as it caught on fire) and swap everything off the M model to it, in order to complete the task.

I must mention he doesn’t seem to take into account the fact that the donor car could have better structural rigidity as it didn’t go through an extremely serious crash.

While this is still an ongoing project, and I definitely do not condone doing this kind of swaps, using totaled cars, it is still an interesting watch because it allows you to see all the underpinnings of a BMW X6 M and how metal work is done.

I will continue watching him restore this car every step of the way and I’m extremely curious to see how it all pans out.