The BMW X6 M Competition is a car that’s hard to figure out. On one hand, it sort of annoys the journalist in me, as it’s an overly heavy, massive and thirsty SUV in the least appropriate era ever for such cars. Also, it’s the sort of car I just don’t normally like. However, the little kid in me sees an SUV with over 600 hp and the ability to frighten supercars and then I giggle. Saying it’s a car that I hate to love might be accurate. In this new video from Carwow, you can see why.

Few cars attract as much attention as a plum-purple X6 M Competition. Just look at the car in this video, with it flamboyant exterior color (which I like, for the record), gloss black accents, massive wheels and aggressive styling. Yet, with its funky styling and odd body shape, it might not always be the best of attention. Still, the little kid in me would have thought a purply SUV in with massive wheels and black accents was awesome.


Then there’s the performance. With its 4.4 liter twin-turbocharge V8, making 617 hp and 553 lb-ft, the BMW X6 M Competition is an absolute monster. In this video, Carwow’s Mat Watson using high-tech timing gear to clock the big Bavarian Brute from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds going downhill and 3.5 seconds uphill. That’s scorching fast for an SUV. As absurd as the X6 M is, it’s tough to not smile and laugh at that fact.

Objectively, performance SUVs are silly because they’ll never handle as well as proper performance cars, no matter how much crap car companies try selling you. However, the BMW X6 M Competition handles well enough, and is far fast enough, to surprise almost anyone. Sure, it’s a completely isolated driving experience but it’s still insane and it’s hard not to love that.

In the end, Watson seems to like the BMW X6 M Competition for that very reason. Sure, it’s a bit off looking and utterly pointless but there’s fun in that and that makes it all worth it.