While we’re all stuck in quarantine (or at least we hope you all are), staying safe from Covid19, many people are looking for little mental breaks from reality. They’re looking for things to take their mind off of the madness that we’re currently facing. One such way to do that is to watch videos like these, which are so needlessly silly yet so awesome that you can’t help but smile at them. In this new video, some Russian enthusiasts recreated Need for Speed Most Wanted in real life, including the game’s famous E46 BMW M3.

What’s remarkable is just how similar to the game’s actual M3 this car looks. That, along with the spot on music and graphics, and you can tell just how much effort was put into this video. Whoever did the editing worked extremely hard to make sure that this video looked and felt like the old Need for Speed game.

Everything, from the graphic motions, to the sounds of the “button press” to the gauges on the screen look and sound exactly like the game. As someone who played that game a ton when it was new, this video really brings me back in the best of ways.


As they race through the streets, all of the same game graphics from back in the day are present. So the floating race start emblem is there, as are the red smoke finish indicators. Even the sounds of the E46 passing other cars is spot-on. The attention to detail in this video is genuinely awesome.

There’s really no point to this video, other than to smile at how awesome it is. Whoever came up with this idea, and then had the creativity and skill to pull it off, deserves an award of some kind. I’m not sure what kind exactly but some kind of an award for sure.