As we all know, prices for BMW E30 3 Series models have been surging lately. The BMW E30 M3 is the one with the highest price at the moment but other E30 3 Series models have been seeing a rise in demand and popularity as well as price in recent years also.

And while everyone loves to talk about the M3, there are some enthusiasts that actually prefer the BMW 325i, in various specs, because of its bigger I6 engine.

The topic is still debated but one thing’s for sure: nobody is mentioning the all-wheel drive models. That’s because the E30 platform was the first 3 Series to implement a system that sends power to all four wheels of the car.

The E30 M3 Shown Here

It wasn’t perfect and it many BMW enthusiasts scoff at the idea of an all-wheel drive E30, which may very well be the reason why this BMW E30 325ix is being sold for just $6,000. More likely, though, it’s because of its mileage. The car is located in Massachusetts, and comes with a lot of miles on the clock, 289,000 to be more precise.

That shows this 1991 BMW 325ix model was driven a lot over the years and enjoyed by its owner. That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong, this car apparently had one owner since it was new.

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According to the ad, it is also all original, without rust and all gauges work. The timing belt was replaced at 234,000 miles so it may need a new one but other than that, things are looking good on this car.

This could be a good project car or it could just let you enjoy the basics of automotive brilliance. From the looks of things, the car really seems to be in good shape and it may not even ask for a huge amount of money to be maintained in running order. All in in all, I think it may be worth a look over.

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