For some people out there, the things petrolheads do sometimes are hard to understand. It’s hard to explain why just getting in a car and driving for a while can calm you down or why you’d pick car parts over fancy clothes any day of the week. These are not decisions dictated necessarily by logic, but by feelings. When it comes to certain cars things get even weirder, as it is pretty obvious not all cars are the same.

In the automotive world some models demand more respect than others. Sometimes that’s because of their racing pedigree otherwise simply because car guys know how hard it is to run and maintain such a car. The BMW E30 M3 is one such icon, a car that needs no more introduction. It has spurred so many passions in the automotive world that it is now one of the most coveted cars ever made.

The car creates so much passion, one dedicated team decided to try and express why it means so much through a short film. Posted below, the video focuses on a job interview as we learn a few shots into it. Our protagonist went in for a job interview and things didn’t exactly pan out as he expected. As he patiently waits to be called in, he takes a look at a note from his girlfriend, reminding him that ‘he won’t need to sell his car to get by’.

5 Reasons to Own an E30 M3 – The Iconic Bimmer

That’s something a lot of us would never consider and something we’d do only in the worst case scenario, where we simply can’t find any other way. Cars are usually members of the family. So having to sell your baby wouldn’t be an option. Selling an E30 M3 on the other hand could be quite profitable considering price tags are in the six-figure range. Leaving that aside, our hero goes to his car and, after a disappointing interview, sets off for a calming drive.

Bromance: Man keeps BMW E30 M3 In His House During Hurricane

Judging by what’s said in the video he’s actually taking the car for one last spin as he’s convinced he’ll have to sell the car to get by. That’s when an unexpected turn takes place, as his interviewer lines-up alongside his M3 at a stop light, driving a tricked out Skyline. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what happens next.