Stories about tuned BMW E30 3 Series models taking down modern supercars have been going around online for quite some time now. While we’re tempted to think some of them are just urban myths, other videos such as the one we’re showing you today confirm these unbelievable stories. And yet, there’s a perfectly good explanation for why this BMW E30 325iX took down an almighty 911 Turbo S Convertible.

This E30 M3 was tuned into oblivion by its dedicated owner. Under the hood hides a special engine that initially started life as a M50B25 and ended up using a M52B28 crank to give it a displacement of 2.8-liters. Then came a PT6765 turbo and Autronic SM4 ECU. With these new bits installed, the pressure in the turbo can be easily adjusted, the owner being able to easily change the amount of power going to the wheels.

Since this is a light car to begin with, the rear axle used to spin a lot with the extra power on board. That led to the decision of adding active all-wheel drive to the mix to keep things in control. Overall, at the time of the race, the E30 had about 700-750 HP at its disposal and that clearly tells you why things went down the way they did.

You can’t expect to beat a modern-day supercar like the Porsche 911 Turbo S without considerably more power under the belt. Seeing how much faster the BMW was, one could easily have guessed that the power threshold of the Bimmer was above 700 HP. Nevertheless, the race was quite entertaining, at least until the BMW started changing gears.