New spy shots depicting the open-top 2021 BMW M440i xDrive have recently surfaced online. And yes, the huge kidney grille is there. One has to admit that the styling exercise for the new 4 Series is pretty daring and highly polarizing. The G22/G23/G26 family will definitely look massive.

Back to the Convertible version, which was recently spotted in Germany (you can see the photos here). Specifically, the camouflage hides the M440i version packing the B58 straight-six petrol powerplant rated at 374 PS (368 hp). In the US, expect a higher output of 388 PS (382 hp) due to less fastidious emission standards.

Leaked image from months ago

Depicted by the Cerium Grey accents on the exterior mirrors and the identical trapezoid exhausts borrowed from the M340i, the roofless G23 4 Series is expected to go into production towards the end of year, according to latest indications.

The forthcoming generation of the BMW 4 Series Convertible will give up the hardtop architecture in favor of the classic cloth roof. This change will also help substantially reduce the vehicle’s kerb weight. Other than that, the premium vert will essentially be identical to the G22 4 Series Coupe.

The scooped test prototype also features an all new set of alloys that could be offered at the launch of the car. The cabin will sport a similar dashboard design with the G20 3 Series, but you can also expect some subtle details to individualize the new 4 Series.

Expect the new G22 4 Series to be introduced towards summer, with the G23 version following during Falls 2020.