The current BMW M4 generation is on its way out and we can’t wait to see what BMW M has in store with the upcoming model. With the F80 M3 out of production, those interested in buying an M car of this size have few options available but you can still get an M4 CS. It is a brilliant machine, one I had the pleasure of testing a while back, and that has stuck with me over time, a car meant to be driven hard, on the track.

And that’s exactly what seems to be happening here, in the video posted below. However, while seeing a BMW M4 CS on the Nurburgring is not necessarily out of the ordinary, there are some details at play here that could hint at something else happening underneath it all. First of all, the car seems to be fitted with telemetry equipment. Something was probably being measured here, it wasn’t just a casual stroll on the legendary track.

At times you could spot two passengers in the car, both wearing white helmets, kind-of similar to the ones used by BMW M drivers when testing prototypes. The car’s plates also seem to suggest this is a car registered by the Motorsport division. In one shot you can actually spot some kind of equipment attached to the windshield. I can’t say what it is but it’s there. I’m just hoping it wasn’t some Youtuber trying to shoot his best run on the Green Hell to date.

The BMW M4 CS still remains one of the best iterations of the M4, no matter who was behind the wheel in this video. Whether BMW is testing anything on it these days or not remains to be seen but we love every occasion we get to see the CS model out on the prowl. Considering only about 2,100 of them were made so far, this is a rare occasion.